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Thinking about taking a Galveston Cruise?

So you want to go on a cruise out of Galveston. If this is your first cruise, there are few things to consider. Especially on cruises out of Galveston. Parking is an issue so do a little research on the best deal (see below for our favorite choice). If you are flying into Houston, try and arrange to land at Hobby and take a shuttle or limo to the Galveston Cruise Terminal. 

Come a day or two early for Galveston Cruises and spend some time in Galveston, there are a lot of things to do, good weather or bad. You can learn more about Galveston Vacation possibilities here: Galveston Vacation Packages. You can turn your cruise vacation into a double header for a few more days. It makes it a great trip since you can get two vacations in one outing.

Cruises From Galveston for 2016 Season

There's a lot going on this year on Cruises out of Galveston since the cruise lines had a great year in 2014. Most are expanding their cruises and bringing in new cruise ships.

Disney Magic Cruise Ship

Disney Magic

The Disney Magic cruise ship has 11 decks, at 964 feet long, a width of 106 feet, and 83,000 tons. The Disney Magic can hold up to 2,700 passengers with a crew of 950.

Crown Princess

The Crown Princess cruise ship has 17 decks, at 951 feet long, a width of 118 feet, and 116,000 tons. The Crown Princess can hold up to 3,110 passengers with a crew of 1200.

Crown Princess Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean Mariner

The Royal Caribbean Mariner cruise ship has 15 decks, at 964 feet long, a width of 106 feet, and 142,000 tons. The Royal Caribbean Mariner can hold up to 3,855 passengers with a crew of 1185.

Carnival Triumph

The Carnival Triumph cruise ship has 14 decks, at 893 feet long, and 130,000 tons. The Carnival Triumph can hold up to 2,758 passengers with a crew of 1100, and 13 decks. This ship has many features designed for kids of all ages.



Carnival Magic

The Carnival Magic cruise ship has 14 decks, at 1000 feet long, a width of 122 feet, and 130,000 tons. The Carnival Magic can hold up to 3,690 passengers with a crew of 1367.

Carnival Magic Cruise Ship

So stay tuned for anymore updates and be sure to check all the different cruise lines for any 2015 trips. There may be more departure dates added as the year progresses.

Cruises From Galveston

Currently there are four cruise ships that depart out of Galveston. Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas, Carnival Magic, and Triumph, and the Disney Magic. The Carnival Triumph has 4 and 5 day trips and the Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas has day trips to the Caribbean. The Disney Magic offers 7-day Western Caribbean cruises with ports of call in Caymans/George Town, Costa Maya, Cozumel starting in September. Many people combine a Galveston Vacation with cruises from Galveston.

If this is your first time on a cruise I would highly recommend a 4 or 5 day cruise to see if you like this type of vacation. Many people love cruises but some find that it's not the best choice for them. Weather, destinations, and facilities are key elements in every trip. The size of ship and number of passengers are also a consideration. And the cruise lines have raised the extra fees, tips, and added expenses to a new art form. Plan on spending at least $50-$75 per day per person for extras. Many cruises from Galveston have a mandatory tip of $11.50 per day for staff too.

Carnival Cruise Galveston Choices

You have two Carnival Cruises Galveston options. The Carnival Triumph, 2,758-passenger, and like all cruise ships there are many different bars, nightclubs, restaurants, gambling, and amusements on board for your entertainment. Prices start at around $389 per person for a 4 day cruise and go up to $950. The cost difference is based on the size an location of your cabin. The four day cruise goes to Cozumel, Mexico for one day and back. The 5 day cruises run about 12% higher in cost. The 5 day trip has two stops, one in Cozumel, Mexico and the other in Progress, Yucatan. The stops are for 8 or 9 hours and allow for trips on shore for sightseeing.

The Carnival Magic Cruises, 3,690-passengers, are longer at 7 days, and include places like Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. The Magic is the newest Carnival ship, rolled out in May of 2011, and is the jewel of the Carnival Fleet. Most departures are on Sunday and base price is around $600 and are very family oriented.

Royal Caribbean Galveston Cruises

Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas has a few additional facilities like an Ice Skating Rink and a rock Climbing Wall and holds about 3150 passengers. The 7 day cruises run from $559 to $2000 per person and stops in Roatan, Honduras, Costa Maya (Majahaul), and Cozumel, Mexico for a day each and returns to Galveston.

Royal Caribbean has 7 day cruises. The shorter cruise stick sthe the Caribbean locations. Most of the prices start at around $650 and go a lot higher for topside cabins. This is due to the huge amount of amenities and all the different onboard facilities. Once again you should check for the latest information on departure dates and rates.

The Disney Magic Galveston Cruises

The  Beginning Jan. 4th, 2013, the DISNEY MAGIC will start 4 to 8 night cruises from the Port of Galveston to the Western Caribbean. Ports of call include Grand Cayman and Mexico’s Costa Maya and Cozumel. Disney Magic was rolled out in 1998 but has been maintained and updated to include every possible convenience for both children and adults. It's a smaller ship than many of the newer mega-cruisers and holds up to 2400 passengers. And with all the Disney Magic (no pun intended) it is one of the best cruises out of Galveston for the kids. The rates haven't been released yet but a good guess based on other similar cruises from other ports would be about $900 on the low end and $2500 for the high end.

Galveston Cruises Tips

The time of year due to the weather conditions and the passengers can be an issue. If you don't want to have about 40% of your fellow passengers to be children, pick a time when school is not out. Also, the Gulf of Mexico can have some pretty exciting weather during the main Hurricane season, June to September, and winter months can also provide some pretty nasty storms. In fact the Gulf of Mexico is pretty unpredictable at any time of year.

We get a lot of questions on parking in Galveston while on a cruise. You will also need to park your car if you drive to Galveston so there is an added cost for that too. For the most part figure on $7 to $10 per day. Larger vehicles (like RVs) can be more and inside parking is at least $10 per day. Here's the basic choices:

Four parking lots

  • Discount Cruise Parking (uncovered)

  • Port of Galveston (uncovered)

  • Lighthouse Parking (covered)

  • Galveston Park & Cruise (both uncovered and covered)

My personal favorite is the Galveston Park and Cruise since it's right across the street from the terminal and makes it easy. There are shuttles from the farther away choices so it's similar to airport parking.

If you aren't driving and flying in to one of Houston's airports there are shuttle services available.

You'll also need some form of proof of citizenship for any of these Galveston cruises, passports are now being required for any cruises. Both cruise lines have dress codes for some entertainment facilities, all have at least one formal evening activities. You can choose a casual eating arrangement if necessary. 

Here is some random tips and information about all Galveston cruises. Average cabin size runs less than 200 sq ft. Anyone can be susceptible to motion sickness but it usually passes quickly and several over the counter remedies are available. No pregnant women beyond her 24th week are allowed by most cruise lines. Each cabin has a safe for valuables, use it. It's never safe to fool around at the railing of any cruise ship, never underestimate the danger.

Always research current Galveston cruises itineraries and review your options since cruise lines often change destinations, times, and ships due to scheduling or other factors. Also check multiple sources for the best price and latest information about any Galveston cruises you are thinking about. We will start posting some reviews of actual cruises this season from visitors. If you would like to provide a review or any story about cruises out of Galveston please contact us through here.


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