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Galveston Beach House Rentals

What you need to know about Beach Houses!

Want to learn more about Galveston Beach House Rentals? That's probably the most popular way for many people to spend time in the Galveston area since most are on or very close to Galveston Beaches. The trick is to find the best deal for the location, amount of time, and the number of people.

Galveston Beach Houses come in all sizes and price ranges. They can be right on the beach or up to 10 blocks from the nearest beach. So they are usually listed as beach front, beach view (1st through 3rd or 4th row), and the rest. Most all have the basic necessities like dishes, bed coverings, kitchen utensils, pots and pans, silverware, and etc. There's also TVs, radios, patios, balconies, and multiple beds in every place possible. Some even have spas, hot tubs, pools, or other high end amenities.

And many will take pets. That's a huge advantage for pet owners since they don't have to board their pets and if they're like me, don't want to leave their pets for that long of time. Make sure you obey leash laws and pickup after your pets while around the house and in Galveston proper. Many places are pet friendly as long as they have outside seating and your dog is on a leash.

When they say that the beach house sleeps 10, that doesn't mean they have 10 bedrooms, it just means that there are 10 places in the house to sleep. Which may include daybeds, sleeper couches, bunk beds, and just about any other type of sleeping accommodations.

Most Galveston Beach Rentals have a pretty standard design of being raised about 7-10 feet off the ground. There are two reasons for this style. One is to give an elevated view of the beach and the other is to protect against flooding. Most Galveston Beach Houses have large decks since many people like to spend time outdoors when they visit the beach. Galveston Beach House

Galveston Beach House Rentals Area

Each block represents a "row" and dictates rental price.

Prices are based on location (how close to the beach) and number of people that can sleep on the premises. The photo to the left shows how houses are in rows, the closer to the water the more expensive the rent. This is a beach front area in Pirates Beach, one of the most popular beach house rental subdivisions. 

There's also at least two seasons, and on some even more. The high season (read most expensive) is usually between May and September. Holidays like Memorial or Labor Day, Christmas, or Thanksgiving may also have higher rates. Some beach house rentals in Galveston also have rules on the number of days (at least a week) or a minimum stay of three days.

Some are rented by the owner but a majority are rented through local real estate companies. There are two very large ones and a few high end companies for the more expensive front line beach houses. Due to Hurricane Ike in 2008, many of the lower priced units (older houses) are gone and it has driven prices up a little. 

Price ranges start as low as $350 for a week in low season and go as high as you want to pay for the very large beach houses that are front row. An average size in overall Galveston Beach House Rentals, one that sleeps 10-12, maybe in the 2nd to 4th row, will be $1500 in high season and maybe $1200 per week in low season. Beach houses that are across the road from the beach and sleep fewer can be about half those prices.

Galveston Beach House Rentals are very popular since they are much cheaper than a hotel or motel for families. Plus, you are on the beach or very close, and that's one of the primary reasons people come to Galveston. And there are many people who come to celebrate a special occasion like Family Reunions with multiple family branches. The whole clan can rent beach houses on the same block. Or for big families that vacation together this is a great way to vacation together but still have their own space.

Then there are rentals that are on the bayside and the canals that are similar in pricing and sleeping arrangements. If you like to fish, the bayside houses are often on a canal or actually on the bay so you can fish right there at your rental. Many also have boat lifts and boat parking areas. There's something for any size family and budget. There are also many rules and all require damage deposits. When you book ahead (as you should to make sure you get the one you want), there is a deposit for that too. Anywhere from a 1/3 to 1/2 of the rental fee.

Most home owners or their real estate agents want you to have the best time and will bend over backwards to deal with any problems that come up. But they also are very strict on enforcing any rules so be careful to read your rental agreement and ask for more information if you don't understand any rules. Most of the rules are common sense and easy to understand.

The two largest real estate rental companies in no particular order are Sand 'N Sea ( and CastAways Resort Properties ( Both these companies specialize in western Galveston Island since that's where the majority of beach houses are located. There are also websites that owners list and rent their own properties and often have lower prices (the rental agencies charge a hefty fee so that raises the prices through them). The two most popular owner rental websites are Vacation Rentals By Owner, (, and Home Away at I would say that you can save about 12-15% at the rent by owner websites over the commercial rental websites based on what I've seen.

We're working on a deal with home owners and real estate companies in the area to get some special deals. We haven't worked out all the details yet but you should check back often to see if we've completed the arrangement.

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