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Galveston Bed and Breakfast

A unique and home style Galveston Vacation

Want to find a good Galveston Bed and Breakfast to stay at in Galveston? There are many good reasons to pick a bed and breakfast establishment to stay at for your next Galveston trip. There's a specific charm and atmosphere that goes with a bed and breakfast and when you add the location on the gulf coast it makes it even more fun.

Bed and Breakfast locations are designed after the European tradition of providing overnight lodging and a light breakfast for travelers. In the old days this was a common practice in many small European towns and villages who didn't have a local hotel. People make a few extra dollars and many travelers were more than happy to stay in a more informal setting or camping out.

The basics of most Bed and Breakfast are to furnish a quiet setting with a light breakfast and serene setting for a good nights sleep. Many provide more than just a light breakfast and include snacks and refreshments all day long. Most don't allow pets so make sure that if you plan on bringing one that you ask first.

Many of the Galveston Bed and Breakfast establishments are older refurbished homes that were private homes in years past. The charm and style of the older periods have been maintained while updating the functionality. Galveston was one of the first areas to be settled on the western gulf coast.

The first thing to consider is the actual location and how close it is to the beach or for some people the downtown shopping area. If you have a car, this may be less of an issue but the ambiance is clearly dictated by a B&B's neighborhood and many people like to walk to their favorite places to visit. 

Another important factor is the facilities and what they have to offer. Do you need Internet access, or special meal planning, or even the number of rooms available if you are bringing other family members or friends. Some Galveston Bed and Breakfast locations have a very historic setting, some are closer to the beach, and several are downtown.

The pricing of most Galveston Bed and Breakfast choices is very reasonable, usually about the same as a 3-4 star hotel ($100-$180). There are only about 12 choices currently available and many are small so you should book early and if you have a group, book really early (like 6 months if in high season May through August).

We plan on compiling a list with details of each Galveston Bed and Breakfast in the next month or so. Contact information, rates, and reviews will be included. Check back often for updates.


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