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Galveston Bird Watching

Galveston is a great place for bird watching

Galveston, Texas is one of the top Bird Watching locations in the United States. With over 200 different local bird species and up to 300 during the migration seasons, there are plenty of birds to watch. Even if you just stay to the beach and downtown areas there are plenty of beautiful and eye catching birds to view.

Even if you are new to bird watching there are many places that are easy to find and offer an abundance of local birds and other wildlife to see. Here are a few Galveston locations that you can view everything right from your car and never have to worry about the weather or wearing boots.

East End - Big Reef Nature Park

Take Seawall Blvd east past the Ferry Road to the eastern tip of Galveston Island. In the last section before Broddeker Road there is a large lagoon and all along Broddeker Road there is beach and water areas that birds of all kind frequent.

Mid Area - 8 Mile Road To Bay

Go west on Seawall Blvd to 8 Mile Road and take a right. Go past Stewart Road and the area between Steward Road and the bay is a huge marsh and dune area where there usually are an abundance of birds all year around. If you get out and wander around be sure to bring a good pair of knee high boots. Not only to keep dry but there are snakes that frequent the area too.

Mid Area - Galveston Island State Park

Go west on Seawall Blvd to 13 Mile Road and the next exit is Galveston Island State Park. It's over 2000 acres of prime bird areas and you can go to both the beach side and the bay side for spectacular views, wildlife, and birds of all kinds. Once again it's a good idea for the knee high boots on the bay side of the park.

Far West - San Luis Pass

Go west past the Galveston Island State Park for about 10 miles and you will come to San Luis Pass area. Take the last exit before you get on the bridge and you can go to both the beach side and the bay side. Lots of birds, wildlife, and kite fliers. In fact the variety and different sizes of kites is truly worth the trip. A lot of people wade fish in the are too.

Each one of these areas are worth at least a few hours and maybe more. If you're there in early spring or fall there are a lot of migrating birds about the areas too. A good pair of binoculars is very handy and if you bring a camera, some type of telephoto lens is advisable since you may not be able to get to close too the birds due to habitant or the birds being shy.

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