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Galveston Motels
What kind of Galveston Motel do you want?

Looking for the best Galveston Motels? Three are three factors that most people use to find the best motel in Galveston. Location, price, and amenities. But there are some people want to shop, check out the historical sites, and generally take it easy. Then there's the group that wants the beach, action entertainment, and all the outdoor activities. And the term motels is somewhat outdated in the fact that the drive up and park in front of your unit may or may not be available in the Galveston Island area.

So we're going to pick the two best motels, one for the action folks and one for the shopper and historical folks. But I guess we should also see if we can find one for the family with kids. So lets go with three of the best places for each of the groups.

A couple of things that you should consider when traveling to Galveston (or any other popular tourist area anywhere) is security. Use the room safe or at the front desk for serious valuables. Keep an eye on all family or friends in your group. There are few problems in Galveston but it's always a good idea to pay attention and take precautions. You don't want to ruin your vacation.

La Quinta Inn (on east side)

The number one choice for price, beach proximity, and basic amenities is the La Quinta Inn on the east side of the island (there's one on the west side too). It's located right on the Seawall just west of 14th street. It's got the best price (out of season - $39, in between seasons - $55, in season $135), and you can see the Gulf from many of the rooms. 

It has all the basic amenities like Internet access, continental breakfast, a pool, laundry room, and also takes pets under 25lbs. It's a little rowdy since many families and younger people stay there but it's a great location for many of the outdoor activities. This a great choice for the outdoor action group and a good choice families who are on a budget. 

La Quinta Inn - Galveston

The La Quinta Inn is right smack in the middle of great restaurants, and just  a few blocks from Stewart Beach, and other beach front activities. To get the best price check both the La Quinta main website and Expedia. It's very popular in season so make reservations early.

Holiday Inn

The Holiday Inn is a good choice for families since they have all the child related amenities like childcare, babysitting service, cribs, infant beds, and supervised child activities. It's about one block west of 16th street on the Seawall and has a great location and many rooms with a Gulf View. 

Be aware that they are in the midst of remodeling the rooms and some have been upgraded, some not. Be sure to ask for upgraded room. Everything else is top notch and location is great for beach lovers. The prices are a little high for Holiday Inn but that's due to the location

Holiday Inn - Galveston

The Holiday Inn has it's own restaurant and bar, lots of balcony rooms, If you're flying in it has free transportation to and from airport. It also has room safes, complimentary newspaper, and video game consoles. The room prices are little higher than La Quinta, out of season - $135, in between seasons - $165, in season $205. They often have specials so check with the Holiday Inn website and Expedia to find the best deal..

Harbor House

The Harbor House is right off Galveston Bay and is in easy walking distance to The Strand, the historic district filled with boutiques, antique shops and galleries. The Great Storm Theatre and Texas Seaport Museum are on the same block as the hotel.

On Galveston's Pier 21, the Harbor House was an early steamship terminal and still runs a slip marina on the property, lending itself to modern-day portside ship-watching and docking. It has some great views of the boats coming and going from Galveston docks.

The three-story hotel's 42 Nautical-style guestrooms offer panoramic views of the harbor and are decorated with designer fabrics, pickled wood flooring and white washed oak furnishings. 

Harbor House in Galveston

This is one of the top rated hotels on the island and has continental breakfasts, Internet access, complimentary use of a nearby fitness center, and meeting rooms for groups up to 200. You also get to pay for parking in their lot, $10 per day.

This would be a good place for people who want to shop along the Strand area and visit downtown historical sites. It's very popular so you will need to book your rooms as early as possible. Prices go from $69 off season to $99 in between, and up $230 for season.

(*The Tremont House is another downtown/Strand area choice but it's about twice the cost of the Harbor House.) 

There are a lot of nice Galveston Motels, but the ones listed above seem to be the best according to reviews, prices, location, and amenities. The Harbor House really doesn't fit the mold for a motel but none of the downtown places to stay do either.

Check these three out and be sure to book early since all have limited space. And their home websites or Expedia appears to have the best prices for the most part online. And regardless of what you want to do on your Galveston visit, one or more should fit your needs. 

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