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Galveston Vacation Packages

Find a great package or make your own!

Looking for a great deals on Galveston Vacation Packages? Many of the popular travel websites have a flight and car rental deals but often the most expensive part of any vacation starts when you get there. You also want to find the best deals on restaurants, attractions, where to go information, and great ways to get the most our of your vacation dollars.

Doing a little research on what events, attractions, and amusement parks offer in the way of coupons or special deals can save you a lot of money. Many of the beaches are public and that can provide some great low cost fun depending on the weather. But there is a lot more to Galveston besides it's great beaches.

There are over 20 art galleries, 14 museums, and many outdoor attractions for the whole family. Depending on the weather, the outdoor activities like fishing, swimming, and exploring the beaches are free. You can also rent bicycles, small pedal trolleys, ride horses, go bird watching, rent small or big boats and jet skis, and go shopping at the Strand or the many souvenir shops. 

You can even go on a Segway Tour (Segway is an electric two wheeled vehicle) of the different areas of Galveston. They run from $50-$65 per tour and are a great way to see the city. If you like to fish, there are charter boats for half or full day trips and even over night excursions. You can fish off a pier, the jetty's, or on the bay. Make sure that if you are 17 or older you get a Texas Fishing License, most sporting good stores sell them.

Depending on your particular interest or what you want to do while in Galveston, make sure any package includes discounts to events and attractions of interest. Many Galveston Vacation Packages are available from popular hotels that can facilitate your specific activities.

If your Galveston Vacation Package doesn't have any attractions or restaurant coupons you can check the local tourist office, they should have just about any information and many coupons for local merchants. You can also check Facebook for members who are attractions or restaurants in Galveston, many have coupons on their Facebook pages. Many offer Galveston Vacation Packages and specials year around.

To get the best deals on Galveston Vacation Packages you need to look beyond the popular travel websites since they specialize in the travel part of your trip and not necessarily on when you arrive. Several of the popular attractions offer deals with all inclusive rates (pay once and get tickets to several attractions) and special meal deals at local eateries.

There are local publications that are available for free in most quick shops or grocery stores that often have the most current coupons for both attractions and restaurants. They also have listings of local events that can provide some great free entertainment or special seasonal celebrations that offer great values and a break typical commercial attractions.

And before you leave for your vacation, don't forget to check out our Galveston Vacation Resource page for any seasonal specials or events. You can also see the current weather forecast for Galveston. Many hotels and events offer great off season deals too. The off season for Galveston is generally from Jan 2nd through May and September 5th through Thanksgiving.

We plan on offering free information on the different Galveston Vacation Packages according to different lifestyles and interests in early 2010. Make sure you check back and sign up for these special announcements to get the best possible deal on your next Galveston Vacation.

If you have Galveston Vacation questions, go to our contact page and submit them. If we don't have the answer, we'll go find it and send it to you ASAP. 

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