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Galveston Vacation Rentals

You have a lot of options on where you rent!

There are at least 4 choices for anyone on Galveston Vacation Rentals. It really depends on what you like and how you want to spend your time on vacation. Some people just want to chill out, some want to have an adventure or two, sightseeing and shopping are popular, and some like all the water activities.

If you just want to chill out and enjoy the atmosphere a condo or hotel close to or on the water would be a great choice. One that's in walking distance of the beach and restaurants would be perfect. The area of Galveston that many people go to for this kind of vacation is called the Seawall. This area was built after the 1900 hurricane to help protect the island from storm surges and is over 10 miles long and named Seawall Blvd. It extends from the eastern tip of the island to about 81st Street. Any hotel, condo, motel, or other rental that has an address with the Seawall Blvd is a good location.

If you are up for some adventures and visiting all the action attractions, any place in Galveston will be fine. You'll probably want a car since many are spread out all over the island. There's snorkeling, surfing, horseback riding, bike and buggy rentals, water amusement parks, Segway Tours (that's the two wheeled stand up scooter), and jet ski and boat rentals. There are also charter fishing boats for day and overnight trips. Just about something for anyone who likes a little excitement on their Galveston Vacation.

If your choice is sightseeing and shopping you probably want to stay at somewhere in the city areas. There are some great bed and breakfast facilities in the heart of the city and some very old and fine hotels. The Strand is famous for having some of the most unique boutiques and interesting stores from antiques to jewelry. There are also 14 museums, Galveston Historical sites, Moody Gardens, tours by buss and train, and even walking tours through the many of the original Galveston Homes and Buildings. Bring your walking shoes since there are quite a few places that you will be doing a lot of walking.

If you like the water, sunbathing, or fishing your best bet would be a Beach House on or near the beach areas. The best priced and largest selection is toward the west end of the island, after the seawall ends. There are also beach style houses on the bayside (Galveston is an island) that are also popular for water activities. You can get front row (about 100 yards from the beach) or beach front from about $1500 a week depending on the number in your party and the time of year. The further from the water, the costs go down so if you don't mind walking a few blocks you can save a chunk of money. Most Beach House rentals come with everything you need like kitchen utensils, bedding, barbecues, and large decks. Just bring your own fishing poles, bait, and suntan lotion.

The reason Galveston is so popular is it has something for everyone on a vacation. The choices for Galveston Vacation Rentals are plentiful and attract visitors from all over the world. The jewel of the Gulf Coast offers something for everyone. 

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