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Tremont House Galveston

One of my favorite hotels in Galveston

There are many good hotels in Galveston. But the Tremont House is in a class by itself. I've stayed there several times over the years and often eat there when in Galveston for the day or evening. The Tremont House in Galveston has a history all the way back to 1839.

The Tremont has a definite Euro flair, both from the architectural style and the service. Located just off the Strand and surrounded by Victorian style homes and buildings, it's a great location. It's easy walking distance from both the Strand shopping and historic area and Harborside Drive where cruise ships come and go along with all the fishing boats.

The Tremont House was first built in 1839 but it suffered from a catastrophic fire in 1865 of the entire Galveston Strand area and was rebuilt in 1872. After shutting down in 1920's, it was once again resurrected in 1985 to it's grand beginnings a half of block from the original site.

The Tremont has had many famous visitors from 6 presidents to the likes of General Sam Houston, Ulysses S. Grant, Clara Barton, Edwin Booth, Anna Pavlova, and Buffalo Bill just to name a few. It also survived the Hurricane in 1900 and many more since then.

Although the Hurricane of 1900 did little damage to the hotel, the Galveston economy was destroyed and the Tremont slowly fell to ruin and was demolished in 1928. The latest Tremont House now resides in the 1879 Leon & H. Blum Building, an appropriate architectural landmark that was the South's premiere wholesale dry goods concern. It was a perfect way to restore the Tremont House to it's original splendor.

The interior of the Tremont House has a beautiful atrium with an intimate atmosphere to times gone by. And then there's the magnificent 1888 Toujouse Bar, crafted of pure mahogany, and the live palm trees in the open and beautiful atrium that provides a great place to meet and discuss the days events over coffee or tea in the afternoon or cocktails in the evening. 

Within the hotel there is an excellent restaurant, the Tremont Cafe, which serves Starbucks coffee, pastries, a pizza oven, gourmet sandwiches, salads, soups and desserts. The Café serves breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as provide items for room service.

The rooms are stylish and well decorated. All Belmont Suites are served by a private elevator, trust me when I say you will not forget the elevator since it is just like the European ones. Amenities include gracious living areas complete with wet bar and additional 1/2 bath. Jacuzzi bathtubs, Italian marble tile, telephones and television audio are included in all baths. In short, you won't find a better hotel room in Galveston.

The prices on rooms vary with the season. Like all of Galveston Hotels the high season (most expensive) is from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Fall and winter prices are about 70% of high season. Call for latest prices or check with the larger travel websites for specials. Book far ahead, this hotel stays pretty busy all year around.

You might also want to stay on the upper floors to avoid the noise of the Atrium if you turn in early. It gets a lot of business from the after dinner crowd and the piano plays well into the night. Last time I was there was for a wedding reception and this is a popular spot for parties of all types.

The Strand and The Tremont House represent a time of Galveston that many like to revisit. Many people just think of the Galveston Beach areas but there's a lot to see and do in the downtown areas.

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